Bent Street Reno Progress

Almost Complete, so a little reminder of the before & After photos

George demonstrates his demo abilities

Great entertainment but Steph was needed to move the ants!











View from Alfresco

Pool with cover

Alfresco  with Cedar ceiling

Retaining walls re-pointed , renovated & cleaned.

Glass fences installed

New garage doors, Renovated retaining wall & landscaped

Gates for pool compliance

Sleepers denote the stepped landscaped area


Blinds Arrive

George does a little weeding

Lounge Blinds ready to install

George sieve the limestone sand for wall restoration

Limestone wall raked out for repointing

En-suite Shower enclosure installed

Family Shower enclosure installed

George helps out with the ridge tile repair in half term

Steph contemplates bird stain removal

Rebedding these roof tiles was a little scary

Views from the roof

George & I clean the paving in prep for the silicone coat

Steph intalls the garden sleepers

We install new steps for the side access

Closer inspection reveal that these walls need removing

the laundry starts to take shape

The pergola is now done with a cedar wood lining

Kitchen just awaiting the final touches

Kitchen just awaiting the final touches

George was busy! Really!

Harry dressed for the job!

One garden wall repointed

Courtis & Harry painting at Bent St during half term for a week

Paving in progress

Paving in progress

Laundry Tiled

WC Tiled & fitted

Lounge/Dining/Hall Tiling in progress

Kitchen Tiled.

Lounge Tiling in progress

Lounge Tiling in progress

We needed 2m3 of sand out back, so wheel barrow & harness!

Up hill for 20 metres........ouch.

Family bathroom just tiled

Kitchen units installed

Family bathroom shower water proofed

En-suite shower water proofed

WC screeded

WC just tiled

Bath bricked in.

Family bathroom screeded.

Irrigation Installed.

Irrigation Installed.

Adjacent wall behind rubble wall needs repair.

Adjacent wall behind rubble wall repointed.

Now cleared with new rubble wall.

Elevated area cleared to increase seating area.

Desperate measures see the old trowel out

More space around the pool with new limestone wall

Excessive sand removed & wall rebuilt

windows & door replaced

Stephen checks out the kitchen progress.

Replacement doors fit nicely

Kitchen installation commences

Large patio doors removed

Bedroom window makes an easy patio door

The pool installer reckons this will level when compacted! Yeah right!

Unfortunately there was no foundation to the stone wall!


Call in the brickie!

None available at short notice! I'll do it then with Steph providing the mortar & bullets

Digger done and makes a hasty exit. A challenging installation I think.

Planter gone to provide better entrance area.

Nearly there.

It fits!

Will it really fit is there!

Naturally radio contact with the crane operator was essential.

A serious crane!

The pool looked bigger than I expected.

Huge required to reach out the back

Pool arrived and was ready to lift in place

All sand my easy digging for the machine

All sand was barrowed to front and taken as muck away.


Pool Dig

Activity Room



Master bedroom

Main Hall to Lounge/Kitchen/Activity Room



Hall access to Bedrooms

Family Bathroom

Laundry Room

Rear Garden

Activity to Patio

Patio Area

Patio through to Activity Room

Rear Garden

Rear Garden