Corsica Holiday 2002

In the summer of 2002 we rented a villa with Ian & Paula Green and their 2 beautiful girls Zoe & Heidi. Lots of photos of the children but very few of the adults. The children all look so young in these photos. Great holiday and some great memories here. If you have any recent photos Ian or Paula I'd love to see how the girls have grown up in the 7 years that have passed!!

Paula at a beach side restaurant

Ian in the pool at the rental

Annette by the pool

Harry & George

Charlie, Me, George & Harry at a beachside restarant

When baths were still popular

Zoe, George & a not so old fellow with bad knees

this time with George & Harry

Harry, George, Zoe & Heidi

Annette & Charlie

As i remember this was where Charlie gained his swim confidence

Zoe, George, Harry & Charlie

Harry, Charlie, George & Zoe

Heida, Harry, George & Zoe laze around in the pool


Cheeky Charlie

I love this photo.

Pool games!


George (wow with Ian looking on) and Heidi

Our Charlie (great days)

This is definitely my favourite photo of Charlie & Harry