This week we were very pleased to welcome Brian, Elaine & Eleanor who dropped by after first visiting Dubai & Melbourne. All the Lewer boys, Brian & Eleanor attended Surfing lessons, an hour and a half each morning for 4 days. Hence there are numerous surfing photos. It was difficult but great fun and everyone made progress.  

We have fresh limes for the Coroners from our tree in the garden

treasure those moments

George, Eleanor & Harry all smiles

Brian & Elaine

Elaine & Annette

Eleanor, Charlie & Brian set up for Cricket


Charlie bats a century

Eleanor soon gets up on the board

Brian gets there too.


Harry makes it look easy. (he's had more practice)

More cricket

More cricket

Even Dad gets up

Harry gets moving

George makes it look easy (I taught him everything he knows!!!)

Brian gets up and follows the wave.

Looking good Harry

Brian, Charlie & Eleanor body boarding

Charlie & Eleanor having fun body boarding

Both Dads having a few teething problems!

Charlie! Don't make it look too easy!

George looking good.

Elaine looks on.

Harry gets ready for more.

Charlie having fun body boarding

Eleanor could pass for an Aussie girl.

Brian & Annette body boarding

Charlie with more smiles

More smiles

and more

Yes George we're taking photos

Dads up again!

Brian there again

Course completed with smiles all round.

Elaine, Eleanor & George on the Perth bus tour.

Brian & Harry on the top deck of bus.

Elaine, Charlie & Brian at Kings Park

Mark, Elaine & Brian at Kings Park

Time to chill and chat at Kings Park

Who's this babe at the Park! I'm taking her home later!

Eleanor at Kings Park

Kings Park with Swan River behind.

Kings Park with Perth City Behind

Kings Park with Perth City Behind

Harry, Eleanor, Charlie & George at the food court

Eleanor, George & Elaine at the Chinese

Brian gets more than he expected in the Banana Split

More ice cream for Eleanor

Exit photo in the living area

Still smiling after a week together! Naturally.