Honeymoon in Jamaica 1989

After getting married in June Annette & I went to Jamaica for our Honeymoon. For those of you that don't know the hotel was an all inclusive couples only resort which as I recollect was very nice indeed. It even had a nudist island just offshore which we only saw from a distance! It all seems like a lifetime ago but reviewing these photos bring back fond memories.


Ok, forget about the skinny bloke! Whose the babe! Lucky bloke eh!


Whose the young bloke without the hand holds!

Annette barely looks old enough to be away from home!

A day trip to the Ocho Rio Falls

Lucky girl for a Lucky Bloke!

We met Keith & Sue who were married at the hotel and we were witnesses.

Keith, Annette & Me on the Ocho Rio Falls

I got sun stroke this day.

Keith & I took part in the beach volley ball

Lucky Bloke!

Look at all that lovely curly hair

Daily time for some romantic lazing in the hotel hammocks.