Knee Boarding

We spent Saturday knee boarding on the Swan River with our Kiwi friend Tasha and her son Josh. Tasha has a good camera and took some great photos of the boys in action.

George looking competent
I guess the excitement is because George got some air!
Nice smile Harry
Come on Dad lets go!
Wow great action photo of George
George, Charlie & Harry all having fun together
Good to see the smiles which I often miss because I'm driving
the concentration!
Annette & Josh
Our George
Annette & Tasha
Charlie in action
Good close up of Charlie
Harry & Josh, looks like fun.
Harry on the body board
Harry gets plenty of air on the body board.
Annette & me
Great to see Charlie laughing, long may it continue
Harry at his happiest
Looks like a collision

Charlie, looking serious!