The Aitkens

Our wall socket when our friendly electrician (Gavin) ARRIVED!

A Walk down toAyia Thekla

Ellie & Millie at Potamos

Annette & Julie on the Boat

Annette & Julie at Potomas

A visit to Konus Bay

An afternoon on the Super Mable

The Aitken Girls on the boat

Millie & Ellies Portrait By Tasos

An Evening at the Italian

Harry, Gavin & George at full speed

Harry up on the skis

George making it look easy!!

Gavin made it up, in the end!!

Mark & Gavin at the last supper at Potamos

Charlie & Ellie at Agrotikon

Taking advantage of the height difference

A fun day at the Water Park

Gavin having fun in preparation for skiing

Gavin, Julie & Millie at the Italian

Team hats at Ayia Napa Marina

Dinner at Agrotikon

Ayia Napa Marina

Ayia Napa Marina

Boat entry can be a little tricky!

Millie, Mark, Charlie & Harry walking the Promonade

Last Day on the Beach

A walk along Larnaca Marina

Exit shot for the Aitkens

Our wall socket when our friendly electrician (Gavin) DEPARTED!!!!