Exmouth Diving

From left to right their is Harry, Me, George, Big George, Steph & Axel. Also with George & Harry you'll see Lisa (Steph's partner) who joined us for two nights. We set off on Saturday evening for a 3 night live aboard with a view to dive early Sunday morning. The following 3 days involved diving, fishing, turtle watching and we managed to search and recover an anchor with 70 metres of chain. Everyone had great fun especially our boys who while diving saw turtles, sharks, amazing coral and more fish life than I could even begin to describe. I have included a selection of photos below. Some Video footage also listed on the home page as follows: Sharks 4.1mb Flat fish 1 Flat fish 2 Boys & fishy Swim through 11.8mb Big Turtle 6.4mb
Small Turtle with Boys 6.6mb Wide mouth Fish 3.3mb Yellow fish 4mb

Harry, Mark, George, Big George, Steph & Axel

Lisa with the boys.

A Trigger Fish

Bull Ray!

Lemon Shark

Wobigong Shark

Green Turtle

Green Turtle


Banner Fish

A Toad Fish or Puffer Fish

Lion Fish


White tip or Reef Shark

George, Harry & Me


Charlie snorkelling although he didn't stay on the boat.  

Steph & Harry at breakfast

French toast, bacon & steak for breakfast on the BBQ after an early Dive


Fishing was popular too & Harry caught dinner!

Steph, George & George




Harry did french toast for breakfast

George, Me & Harry



Harry at the wheel


George posing for the camera again


Finishing as the sun went down

Harry preparing to dive

George also just before a dive

Lisa either just having or had another nap!!

The 2 George's fishing with just line.



Harry in a swim through

Boat cleaning.....I think!

Still all smiling after 3 nights on the boat. Great fun thanks to all involved