Georges 1850 metre Sea Swim

It's 8.45am and 44 adults prepare to swim 1850 metres around Dhekelia Bay. Heh but adults include anyone over 14 years of age! One hero meets the challenge!! Our George was the only young adult! For those of you that are wondering there are 1600 metres in a mile! The 1850 metres equates to approx 74 lengths of a 25 metre pool. The most George has swam before today was 45 lengths of the pool! I trust that sets the scene! Dad, Mum, George, Harry, Charlie & several friends were nervous to say the least! Amongst the adults were international swimmers, Army PT swimmers and numerous burley fit soldiers. The first place not surprisingly was taken by the international swimmer in 31 minutes. George finished in a respectable 41 minutes ahead of numerous fit soldiers who looked the part! We stood at the finish line feeling inadequate but so proud of our son GEORGE. A big WELL DONE is in order.  

At the start line. George is to the right of the sign with a silver swim hat

George is under the T about to remove his swim hat

Not surprisingly George was a little tired

All smiles though & yes George would do it again! Excellent.

Chris & George celebrate with an ice cream Lucy finished the 400 metre junior race in 1st place

Rebecca comes in 2nd place in the 400 metre junior race

Jonny follows his sister to take 3rd place in the 400 metre junior race

Sarah & Charlotte finish the race together

The Sharks Team.