RSPCA Dog Training

These photos are a couple of months old now but were taken at the RSPCA Obedience Training course at a local park by the dog trainer. It was a 6 week course for an hour each Saturday. I thought it'd be fun and helpful which it was albeit a bit basic for such a clever dog as Beau. Although I didn't really plan on having a dog he's quickly become part of the family and is always pleased to see everyone and agrees with everything I say!! Good Boy. For those of you who don't know he was an unwanted pet who wasn't walked and I suspect was hit given his initial reactions to an open hand and was very wary of young mothers with small children. He was collected by a rescue centre and came to ours for a trial visit. He's settled now and is a happy pampered dog. However it is like having a another child. Good for a daily walk routine and great fun on the regular beach walks which we take.