The Boys

Latest Update 23/05/2009



The boys on the rocks nearby


Its Spring & a great time for Cycling

Our Boys, still smiling!!

After a late night we all need some fresh air out on a bike ride

Georges Bowling Party

Georges Bowling Party

Georges Bowling Party

We woke up this morning to find we now have a teenage son!

Charlie's Xmas Boat on maiden voyage

The Xbox arrives, at last say the boys.

Christmas Morning

Bazaar waves for the Med come from nowhere!

George dressed for the last day at school before Xmas

Harry ready for Xmas

Charlie waiting for Santa!

Charlie playing Indians or a Gladiator!

Josh & George ready for school! Oh alright Halloween

Our hammock with a view of the med Harry gets a winning start in the swimming gala Harry collecting his football trophy
George at his swimming gala, another 1st place George collecting his football trophy 1st day of school & the smiles continue
Charlie with his August sun highlights Still don't have a TV, but we have bikes Harry up to his neck in it as usual
Taken the 1st week in December Harry mid flight Some caves off the med, great adventure

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