Mulled wine with the neighbours New Years Eve

Leaving shot for Nana & Grandad

Burnt sausages again at the Japenesse!

A warm Boxing Day walk with the Coopers & Guests

Christmas lunch with Nana & Granddad Oddy

Peter & Debbie at Konnus Bay

Annette & Elaine at Casa Di Napa

Annette, Mark & Debbie at Konnos Bay

Farewell Photo with LoCurto's

Dance routine at home with Candice & Josh

LoCurtos & Boys at Japanese Restaurant

Kettles & Annette at Konnos Bay

As a child Julian dreamed of being in the Circus!

Sue, Ang, Paige & Harry at Japanese

Sunday Roast with Candice, Katie & Josh

Nana's farewell photo

Margarita at Potamos with Boys, Paige & Sophie

Nana & Lewer boys at Japanese

Peter had some tips on child discipline

Candice, George, Katie, Josh, Charlie & Harry

Brian & Mark at Casa Di Napa in Ayia Napa

The boys & Eleanor

The Ellis family

George & Candice

Emilio our friendly Cypriot/Dutch neighbour

Jeff during a business meeting

The cocktails helped reduce the tension of the meeting


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