Wedding June 1989

In June 1989 Annette & I got married. What a great day my regret is that we didn't video the day so that we could reflect on the day in more detail. However these photos serve as a nice reminder.

Annette with bridesmaids Charlotte & Belinda.

Annette with Angie & Jack

Angie & Annette

Annette & her Nan, Ethel Kirkland

Annette's brother Peter & Jack

Ben & Ian Lewer

The Bride & Groom leaving the Church

Left to right - Clive, Mum, Charlotte, Ian (best man) Peter Lewer, Jane Lewer, Groom, Bride, Peter, Jack, Angie, Belinda & Liz Lewer
All of the guests who hopefully enjoyed a great day that has seen the test of time.