Aitken's Xmas 08 visit

A selection of photos taken during the Aitken's visit to Perth over Xmas 2008.

Xmas morning full of excitement.


Xmas dinner on Xmas eve with the Aitkens

Gavin & Julie


Gavin & Ted on New Years Eve

Eleanor, Charlie & Pauline on New Years Eve

The old blow the match trick saw 2 wet faced teenagers

Happy Harry with his new super cool board

New Years Eves celebrations with Jack, Harry George

George's 16th Birthday cake

A day on the Swan River included Kaitlyn & George

time for a hug on New Years Eve

Aitken's & Lewer's on the Swan River for lunch

Julie & Gavin


Gavin, Julie, Millie & Eleanor


Another sunset caught for the camera

Millie was having fun, honest

Even with a little teasing it was great fun on the beach

Even Dad tries to work of all the Turkey

Guess who!


A brief sprint proved to be challenge for nearly everyone



Even the old folk had a go

Even Mum tried her luck

I was the official time keeper so couldn't race!

At 16 it's legal for George to drive on "L" plates!

Millie & Charlie at the Fremantle prison

Millie looking very Pro

We survived the Fremantle prison tunnels after 2 hours

Set at 38C the spa proved addictive for these 2.

We bought new lights for the breakfast area.

Luckily we new an electrician who was keen to help!

the finished job was perfect (albeit we need to make good)

the manual work caught up with the old fellow!!

the new kite proved to be popular with the kids & seagulls

Charlie struggled to stay on the ground!!


Adventure World


Julie shows her body boarding skills

Harry catches another wave on his new board

George & Eleanor take a wet trip on a Speed boat

Smiling! So I guess it was fun on the speed boat albeit wet.


Our resident Bobtails

Wow, red sky at night.......

Sunset & Pizza


Sunset behind the tanker


Harry's new board