Christmas Day

With the beach less than a few minutes away surfing has become the latest interest for the boys. George used his Xmas money to buy a board. Thanks to all that sent George Xmas money which went towards this board and gives George hours of fun in the sun.

Xmas morning doing the usual pressie opening routine.

more smiles

remote controlled truck was on the santa list.

For Harry there was a mystery! A treasure hunt which required a joint effort from all the boys! 

the trail was a list of clues which led Harry to the treasure!

But why are we outside Dad!

Surely this is a dead end Dad!!

How could opening this pressie have any input, the instructions say open & all will be revealed!!

The key was wrapped and opened last! The garage remote!

A table tennis table! Excellent! Many hours off competitions.

I always fancied one of these and there really good.

Went to lunch at the Billingtons.

Annette & Rob Billington after Christmas lunch

Christmas lunch with the Billingtons.

Mark & Natasha Billington

Christmas in the pool & 40C, ouch I sat in the shade with Rob.